Solar Roof Ventilator Fan Installation in Singapore

Yeah, the weather is getting warmer recently. Global warming might be 1 of the major factor attribute to it.

And, there are more and more Singaporeans complaining about hot weather as it causes all of us to feel uncomfortable, stuffy and sweat a lot in their house.

So, what can we do about it to improve the situation?

Yes, Solana Tec Pte Ltd is a company specialized in heat management solution. We have been providing customized solutions to help our clients to resolve or reduce their heat, stuffy and lack of ventilation issue.

Let’s see how these solutions help them.

Story #1: Bedok Terrace

The owner felt hot and stuffy at his top floor attic room. As there is heat coming from the skylight.

Due to the unbearable stuffy issue, they decided to install 2 units of 40W Solar Roof Ventilator Fan at 2 attic rooms.

After the installation, the stuffiness issue resolved.

Laminated Tempered Glass sun hot reduce heat by installing solar roof ventilator fan 40W turbine

Story #2: Jalan Jarak, Singapore

The owner felt hot around his staircase space, between 1st and 2nd floor.

So, we propose to install 1 unit of 30W solar roof ventilator fan with ducting, directly remove the heat from the staircase. And the result is awesome and our client is loving it so much.

Solar Ventilator Solana Tec Fan Ventilator Roof Stair case ventilation circulation at Jalan Jarak with Electrical

Story #3: Sembawang Hill

Our installation team is professional roofing specialist. They are not only able to do a roofing job, but also can do waterproofing and not to mention installing solar or turbine ventilator.

During work, they have all the safety equipment to prepare them for the job, they do have Work-At-Height license as well.

Professional team, quality service is what we always strive for.

Professional Roofer install turbine solar ventilation fan safety work at height sembawang hill hot weather

If you need any consultation on how to reduce heat from your home, shop or factory. Do contact us here.