As technology evolves, solar panels have become more and more popular. And, it also helps in inventing more solar appliances such as solar street light, solar fan, solar pump and etc.

Here are 3 advantages of solar appliances against conventional appliances:

1. Save Energy

With solar panel, the solar appliance is able to harvest the free solar energy from the Sun. It helps to save a lot of electricity as compared with the conventional appliance. Often, those conventional appliances are using AC motor with 230V and high ampere, they are power consuming. With the solar appliance, it does not only help in saving energy but also reduce the carbon dioxide released to the world and making the world a better living space.

2. More Mobility

A cordless appliance offers much more mobility compared to conventional fans. For example, in order to improve the roof ventilation for factory, we can either choose solar roof ventilator fan or conventional electrical driven roof fan. When the business owner or renter of the factory space decided to relocate to a new factory or warehouse, it is much easier to dismantle and re-install the cordless solar appliance as compare with the conventional electrical driven roof fan with long wiring and cord.

3.Reduce Installation Time

Yes. Solar appliances need much lesser installation time as compared with conventional appliances. For example, solar street light and conventional street light. Conventional street light, not only need to install the pole, but also need to ensure the power supply is ready under the ground, so the overall project takes longer lead time. With solar street light, the project timeline can be shorted a lot.