Turbine Roof Ventilator Fan

Turbine Roof Ventilator Fan is designed to take advantage of the rising hot air and wind velocity to remove heat and cool down your factory. It also protect the building materials of your factory from airborne moisture related damage. With exclusive corrugated vane design, turbine roof ventilator fan is designed to ensure rigidity and to deflect water. Thus, turbine ventilator can prevent any water leakage and damage.

Product Features

  • Reduce Heat, Humidity, Moisture and Mould
  • Wind Driven with Zero Operating Cost
  • Long Lasting Stainless Steel Shaft
  • Whisper Quiet Bearing
  • Rust resistant and non-corrosive aluminium frame

How Does It Works

Wind driven turbine roof ventilator fan are mainly driven by the rising vertical hot air & natural horizontal wind.

When there is a temperature difference between the indoor and outdoor air, a pressure will be created and resulting in a positive upward buoyance force. This force will push the rising hot air out from the vanes of the turbine ventilator. When rising hot air is out from the vanes of turbine ventilator, it will trigger the turbine ventilator to spin itself naturally.

Second, turbine roof ventilator fan is mainly driven by the natural horizonal wind. The faster the wind speed, the faster the turbine ventilator will rotate. When turbine ventilator is rotating in a high speed, it will create a negative pressure around the space and remove more heat from the surrounding. When the building is in negative pressure, outside fresh air will be in positive pressure and will move inside the building and replace the removed hot air. By doing so, the building can be cooler and comfortable.

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