What is your ideal comfortable & cozy house? 

Nowadays, people love the ideas of  modern and high technology house design when renovating their dream house.  BUT! 90% of them neglected the air circulation in their house.

Do you know that a well ventilation is “ the heart of a house”?  Let’s have a look about which area in the house is prone to have the hot and stuffy problem.

1. Single Storey House (Kitchen)

Did you find the heat trapped in the kitchen making you sweat excessively every-time you cook?  According to the Department of Energy-funded study, gas stove emitted a certain level of pollutant that may cause some health issues. It causes terribly uncomfortable work in the kitchen, especially when it’s burning hot outside and you’re cooking over the stove. Hence,  we need to enhance the air circulation in the kitchen area in the priority of health concern and also help in enhancing the air circulation in the kitchen.


2. Double Storey House ( 1st floor Living Room)

A lot of customers were asking, ” Why is the ground floor cooling but the 1st floor of my house is so damn hot?” 

So the main reason that you may feel hotter at the upstairs is because hot air rises and cold air sinks. That’s why you might feel warmer and hotter on the 1st floor. In addition, the roof absorbs heat radiated from the sun. Thus, if the heat that is accumulated in your second floor is not well ventilated, it may cause so much uncomfortable and health issues. 

So you may use a cooling method which is to switch on air-con. For some of you who do not like to use air-con and want to avoid high electricity costs, it is then essential to use heat reduction. Verdant Star Solar Roof Ventilation Fan is able to reduce up to 70% heat from your 1st floor and will indirectly reduce the ground floor excess heat too!



3. Double Storey House ( 1st floor Master Room)

Another most common area for hot & stuffy issues will occur at the master room on the 1st floor. Many said that they cannot even take a nap in their room during the afternoon as the rooms are too miserably hot.

According to our site visit record, we found out the 1st floor master room heat issues are usually due to it facing west and directly exposed to sunlight in the afternoon. The heat radiated from the sun was trapped inside the room and is even worse if the room is installed with a french window.  

To install window film, awning or UV blocked curtains would only reduce 25% of the heat and the more effective solution so far is to use an effective exhaust fan to directly pull out the heat from the house and this is where we are here to assist you!

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Need professional help to solve the hot and stuffy problem in your house? Contact the professionals Engineering Consultant from Solana Tec. We offer a variety of high-quality products and 9 years guaranteed services in order to give a customized hot solution for you to create a consistently comfortable & cozy environment for your house.

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