Ever feel annoyed because your home is extremely hot and stuffy? Ever wondered how to cool down your room fast? Well, fret not, this post would share with you some ways on how to cool down a room fast.

  1. Air conditioner

Needless to say, this is the most common way to cool down a room fast. It is also fair to say that almost every household owns at least one air conditioner. When a room feels hot, simply use the remote control to switch on the air-con. Within less than 10 minutes, the room surely feels much colder. This is surely one of the fastest and most common way to cool down a room fast. However, please bear in mind that this comes at the expense of very high electricity bills.

  1. Ceiling fan

Similarly, switching on fan is a very simple and fast move. Fan works by blowing away the heat surrounding a person and moving it to somewhere else. At the same time, the rotation of fan motor gives off heat as well. Despite this, the evaporative effect usually far outweighs the minimal heat being produced. Therefore, people still turn on the fan when they feel hot. However, turning on fan is not the best way to cool down a room fast when there is only a person and a fan trapped in the room where no heat can escape or enter. It will only make the room even hotter in long run. In such cases, air conditioner may come into the equation.

  1. Air cooler

Air cooler is similar to air conditioner, except that it is a lot cheaper to operate. Air conditioner runs completely on electricity whereas air cooler runs mainly on water and partially on electricity. It uses evaporative cooling, which is a simple and cost-effective method for cooling indoor spaces. When dry, hot air passes over the water/ice inside the air cooler, it is cooled and passed out again. As the air circulates naturally, the area around air cooler will soon become colder. However, it does not work as well in hot and humid areas. Besides, for people who find adding water into the air cooler a hassle every time there is a need to turn it on, it may not be the best option to cool down a room fast.

  1. Open windows during nighttime

Opening windows allow a better ventilation for your house. Hot air built up in the house flows out in exchange for cooler air that flows in. When air circulates, one is able to enjoy the cooler air momentarily as compared to when air is stagnant. It is surely the fastest method in cold places. However, this may be a bad idea to cool down a room fast when your house is located in areas like Johor & Singapore. In these places, the external environment may be still be hot at night with minimal air flow. Opening windows only allows minimal exchange of air and very little drop in the room temperature.

Conversely close both the window and curtains during daytime to minimize direct exposure the sunlight. This method only prevents the room from getting any hotter but it does not effectively cool down a room fast.

  1. Solar powered roof ventilation fan

We cannot deny that the installation is troublesome and the cost is not cheap. But it is worth noting that it runs is a one-time installation and can save lot of electricity in the long run. This is because it completely runs on solar energy. This means that the hotter the weather gets, the better the ventilator functions, the faster the heat is removed. This is precisely why solar ventilator is so efficient as compared to the conventional turbine ventilator, making the cooling effect more pronounced in hot areas like Johor and Singapore. Therefore, once it is installed, you have to do practically nothing for the ventilation system to work itself out and then enjoy the coolness. If the hassle and the cost from the first-time installation of the solar powered roof ventilation fan is not taken into consideration, it may very well be the easiest and most effective way to cool down a room fast.

  1. Soffit vents

Soffit vents is much easier to install than other ventilators and you are able to do it yourself if you have the right equipment. Soffit vents works by allowing cold air from outside to flow into the attic through the open holes, causing warm air to accumulate at the top and escape through the ridge vent and gable vent. Thus, soffit vent is a relatively passive method of ventilation and may not cool down a room fast enough. It is also normally combined with other types of ventilators to speed up the cooling process.

  1. Whole house fan

A whole house fan is located in the ceiling between the uppermost rooms and the attic. It draws warmer air up into the attic and the high pressure pushes it out through the roof vents. At the same time, it draws cooler air into the house. However, it can only cool down the room to the same temperature as outside. Thus, if it is hot outside, the whole house fan does not make a difference. Besides dust and dirt may be drawn into the room during the process, resulting in unintended consequences of polluted air in the house.

Ultimately, the best method to cool down a room fast depends on the effectiveness of the method and the time of the day. Benefits and costs of each method has to be carefully compared and individual budget has to be taken into consideration as well before choosing the right method. Certain methods take longer time than others and one may only see minimal drop in temperature at the end of the day. Therefore, a few methods could be done altogether to complement each other to cool down a room even faster.