A cordless appliance offers much more mobility compared to conventional fans. According to the definition given by Wikipedia, the term cordless is generally used to refer to electrical or electronic devices that are powered by a battery or battery pack and can operate without a power cord or cable attached to an electrical outlet to provide mains power, thus allowing greater mobility, while mobility is taken to be the ability to move around freely and easily and adapt to different situations or environments. In recent years, there is an increase in the production of battery-powered versions of tools and appliances that once required a power cord due to the development of more powerful rechargeable batteries. This idea of “cordless” manifest in a wide range of appliances, be it for household or industrial use, such as electric cooker and solar powered roof ventilation fan.

Traditional home appliances all share a standard component that has been in use since the early twentieth century: the power cord. It is irrefutable that we have all benefitted from the ability to plug virtually any appliance into a wall outlet, but it is also true that we have come to live with the inherent inconvenience of power cords. The power cord must be long enough to reach the nearest outlet provided that there is even an available one, and this inevitably means that the cord will clutter up precious counter space behind the appliance. When putting the appliance away, one can wind up or secure the cord with a tie or rubber band, but it must be undone before it can be used again. All these hassle means mobility of the conventional appliances are being compromised to a very large extent. As seen with the phenomenal growth of wireless technologies, such as Bluetooth and Wifi, people are delighted when they are given an alternative to wires and cables. And this applies to everything including fans. No plugging or unplugging of the power base is necessary to move the fan, adding to its mobility as well as portability. With the advent of cordless appliances, convenience takes another leap forward by rendering the plug-in, countertop power base obsolete.

In hindsight, beside the increased mobility that cordless appliances are able to offer as compared to conventional fans, there is a lower risk of electric accidents as no power cords are attached to the fan while the cost savings may be accrued in the long term as power use from the utility grid is eliminated. Therefore, considering all these bonuses, cordless appliances are definitely well received among households that pursue convenience and safety at all cost. Without a doubt, they will become, if not already has been an integral part of our lives.