Why Solana Tec Solar Ventilator

Solana is a Spanish name that represents “Sunshine”. Besides, Tec simply means “Technology”. In Solana Tec, we aim to be the leader in heat reduction & heat management solution provider. Currently, we are specialized in reducing the heat issue and providing better ventilation for residential, commercial and industrial premises via our signature product – Solar Ventilator Roof Fan. Meanwhile, we are a team full of passionate, energetic and dedicated to adding value to our customers and societies. Hence, we are constantly improving our quality assurance, customer service and operation. In addition, we are also committed to providing reliable, clean & sustainable solutions.

As we all know, global warming, the greenhouse effect, and climate change are not too far from us and our next generation. In Solana Tec, we aim to provide clean, useful and sustainable solar appliances solutions to our clients. By doing so, it is not only helping in reducing the carbon released from electricity generation but also helping in restoring a clean and environmentally friendly world to our next generation. Hence, let’s create a better world, together.


Feeling hot and stuffy at home?

Wondering why your air conditioner bill is so high?

Feeling hot at your factory workplace?

Verdant Star Solar Ventilator Roof Fan


2 units of 40W Solar Ventilator Installation at Stokesay Drive

Installed 1 unit of 40W Solana solar roof ventilator fan in the attic and 1 unit in the living hall. During hot days, the indoor temperature drops a few degrees. Hence, the house feels more pleasant and comfortable.

Mr. Foo, Stokesay Drive, Singapore

Installed 2 units at my place. They made a big difference to the top floor of my place! The stuffiness in the afternoons is significantly reduced and the top floor is a lot more pleasant now. Thank you Solana Tec!

Amy Ong, Jalan Melati, Singapore

Ba’alwie Mosque used to be hot and stuffy especially when we have a lot of prayers doing praying together. After installing 6 units of 50W Solana Solar Roof Ventilator Fan, the space is much cooler and comfortable now. Thank you Solana Tec for professional service.

Ridwan, Lewis Road, Singapore

Reduce & remove heat from the singapore training centre by using solar roof turbine ventilator fanI choose Solana Tec Pte Ltd to install 12 units of 50W solar roof ventilator fans at my company training centre, huge difference felt after installation. The stuffiness in the afternoons is significantly reduced and the training centre is much cooler, no more complains from the trainees.

Lee, the Solution Consultant was very helpful, knowledgeble of the product. He was on site supervising the installation and made sure all went well.

Muhd Alfiil, McConnell Dowell S.E.A Pte Ltd, Singapore

“Thanks to Solar Ventilator Roof Fan, now I can have naps in the room on the first floor in the afternoon. Stuffy no more.”

M. Zulkarnain, Kluang

“All this while, the heat during day time at my home is unbearable. A good friend of mine introduced Solar Ventilator Roof Fan to me, and it helps a lot! My house is now cooling all day long!”

Madam Hani, Johor Bahru

“If I were to install another one unit of solar ventilation roof fan, is there any discount given? It’s really working so far. Thanks for the great products.”

Lau, Malaysia

Clients that chose Verdant Star Solar Ventilator

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