CFD Simulation Consulting

SolanaTec are Seasoned Practitioners in CFD with an proven CFD analysis process.  Throughout our Years in Business Our CFD ultancy am Serves an Highly varied and vastly Varied industries, ranging

  1. Building Aerodynamics (eg. Wind driven rain, Mechanical Ventilation, Passive ventilation)
  2. Marine ship building (eg. Hull Optimization)
  3. Industrial processes ( Eg. Oil & Gas, Manufacturing)
  4. Aerospace
  5. Defense and many More.







Dedicated Team of CFD Engineers

We have a Truly dedicated Team of CFD Engineers with a combined Project experience of Well over 10 years. We can cover complex CFD Simulation requirements from internal flows to multiple degrees of freedom moving mesh models and external aerodynamics.









Diverse Industry Application of CFD Analysis

Whatever your Project CFD simulation Requirements we can help.

  1. Product design development – SolanaTec are Professional experts in applying Computational fluid dynamic (CFD) Simulation to Diverse Engineering product design across a wide range of applications in order to maximise product potential.
  2. Fluid Flow Dynamic (Streamline, Vortex) characterization and Thorough understanding of Pre-existing fluid dynamic Flow Phenomena.
  3. Geometry Design Refinement – SolanaTec are at the Cutting Edge in the use of multi-parameter optimization Methodologies coupled with CFD morphing technology.
  4. Engineering Performance mapping of products over a range of Realistic Operational conditions.
  5. Scale-up Testing Performance Checking of Engineering designs without the need for Costing Actual-scale Aerodynamics and Hydrodynamics testing.